Lightning Denim Style Book (book)

Many people asked me to advice them some books about jeans. Here is one of my collection. But, almost text inside are Japanese, only a few headings are English.

Shows some Japanese celebrities (may be) and their favourite jeans and store locations.

JAMES DEAN : one of the most powerful denim fashion icons in the history

James Byron Dean

Born: 8 February 1931

Birthplace: Marion, Indiana

Died: 30 September 1955 (automobile crash)

Best Known As: Movie icon and star of Rebel Without a Cause

10 Cool Denim Accessories

Denim is also used to create some accessories or other garments not only jeans. Here are some interesting pieces of denim accessory.

1. Nudie Jeans Laptop Sleeve

Nudie Jeans Laptop Sleeve

2. Evisu Stud Wallet

Evisu Stud Wallet

3. G-Star Raw Oxford Denim Tie

G-Star Raw Oxford Tie

What is Selvage Denim ?????

It wasn't long ago that selvedge (sometimes spelled selvage) denim was something that only denim trainspotters were aware of. It used to be that if you wanted to get your hands on some selvedge denim you would either have to buy yourself some vintage jeans, or a premium brand such as APC or Nudie or failing that get yourself some jeans from Japan. These days however selvedge denim seems to have gone mainstream and you can now pick it up from J Crew (below left) and Gap (below right).

The World of Blue Jeans From the sweatshops of Asia to the runways of New York, denim is bigger than ever

Zhongshan, China
Workers at this jeans factory in the Chinese boomtown put out 10,000 pairs a day, almost all of them in the fashionable "distressed" style.

Avissawella, Sri Lanka
The garment industry provides jobs for nearly one million people in Sri Lanka.